Oscilla screening audiometers for school healthcare

Streg Forside

Screening audiometers for school healthcare 

 School healthcare flyer


School healthcare flyer


Hearing and learning go together. Hearing difficulties affect a student's learning abilities and need to be identified as early as possible. Screening plays an important role in monitoring the hearing health of students and gives the school healthcare nurse a chance to act if a potential hearing loss is detected.


Choose Oscilla® for student hearing screening

  • Intuitive operation for swift and easy hearing screening tests of many students on a daily basis
  • Compact and lightweight audiometers that are easy to transport and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use in different locations
  • Reliable test results facilitated by audiometers designed for daily use, for many years 



USB310 USB330 opstilling       SM930 Front Panel web        

USB310 and USB330


PC-based screening audiometers for manual and automatic hearing screening tests. Operated with Oscilla® AudioConsole software. Easy to transport around together with a laptop.




Stand-alone screening audiometer for manual and automatic testing. Integrated memeory for storing test results. Optional PC-connection for PC-based operation and data management via. Oscilla® AudioConsole software