DualControl combines stand-alone and PC-based audiometry and tympanometry

DualControl breaks down the barrier between stand-alone and PC-based audiometry and tympanometry. Switch between manual and PC-based operation according to your needs and preferences and benefit from the best of both options. 

Full flexibility in operation

DualControl puts you in charge of how you choose to operate your device at any time and in any work situation. 

  • Operate your device from a PC with Oscilla AudioConsole
  • Operate your device manually while audiograms/tympanograms are updated in real time on your PC-screen
  • Utilise all patient management tools of AudioConsole even though you prefer manual operation
  • Use your device as a PC-based solution in your clinic and as a stand-alone solution for working on the go

How does DualControl work?

DualControl provides two-way communication between your audiometer/tympanometer and your PC. The device is connected to a PC and Oscilla AudioConsole software via USB. There are no long start-up or loading times. As soon as AudioConsole has recognised your device you are ready to start working - just as if you had connected a PC-based device. 

While your device is connected to AudioConsole, you can still operate it manually if you prefer this mode of operation. Your test results will be updated in a real-time audiogram/tympanogram on your PC screen and you will be able to use all patient management tools, the PDF generator and data export options available in AudioConsole. 

Oscilla® devices with DualControl

DualControl is an integrated feature of all Oscilla devices with USB-connectivity. In order to use the DualControl feature you must purchase an AudioConsole license key for your device. 

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TSM400 (discontinued)