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SM950-S: Diagnostic audiometer with speech


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Instructions for use

The SM950-S is a diagnostic audiometer for pure tone and speech audiometry. The audiometer provides the operator with manual and automatic testing opportunities for pure tone audiometry as well as the opportunity to perform speech audiometry via live voice tests or via pre-recorded speech material. The operation of SM950-S is intuitive and user friendly. The audiometer is operated via the front panel where the operator can control all features and settings of the SM950-S. For example, choosing between the different testing opportunities, adjusting frequency and dB levels and customise the settings of the audiometer. 







Technical specifications


Frequency range (air)

125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 750 Hz,

1000 Hz, 1500 Hz, 2000 Hz,

3000 Hz, 4000 Hz, 6000 Hz, 8000 Hz 


Frequency range (bone)

125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 750 Hz,

1000 Hz, 1500 Hz, 2000 Hz,

3000 Hz, 4000 Hz, 6000,Hz, 8000 Hz  


Sound pressure

Level range (air): -10 dB to 110 dB

Level  range (bone): -10 dB to 70 dB

Level steps: 1 or 5 dB steps 



Steady, pulse and warble





Integrated memory

Up to 29 tests


PC connection




390 x 180 x 55 mm



1000 g



Test options


Pure tone

Manual test 

20 dB auto test

20 dB random auto test

Hughson Westlake test


Speech tests

Pre-recorded material




Standard package includes


SM950-S device

Peltor™ Headset fitted with TDH-39

Patient responder

Bone conductor (B71-W)

Power supply 

User manual  


Optional extras

Operator headset with jack plug

PC cable

USB/Serial adaptor

AudioConsole software


Talk-back microphone